Tech Details

Compatible solution

Supported formats

TDCF formats:
  • BUFR (Binary Universal Form for the Representation of Meteorological Data)
  • CREX (Character Form for the Representation and Exchange of Data)
  • XML (Extensible Markup Language)
TDCF schemes:
  • TM 307073
  • TM 307080
  • TM 307086
  • TM 307090
  • TM 307091
  • TM 308009
  • TM 308013
  • TM 309050
  • TM 309051
  • TM 309052
  • TM 309053
  • TM 309054
TAC code forms:
  • SHIP
  • TEMP
  • BUOY


  • WMO Manual No. 306 (Manual on Codes)
  • WMO ET-DRC TDCF Templates
  • WMO Manual No. 386 (Manual on GTS, incl. Attachment II)

Interface – integration

  • C++ binding
  • Python binding
  • File I/O
  • Command line interface (CLI)


  • Fast and easy expansibility
  • Based on the XML functionality.
  • The tool features a XSLT-Processor and the conversion programs are actually XSL transformations.
  • Supports new formats just by adding new transformation rules.
  • We will be providing you with updates on experimental or pre-operational descriptors as they appear or are discussed by the IPET-DRC.

Operational support and guarantie

  • Operational support of the BUFR migration tool is planned for minimum 10 years. We will keep supporting to date, this tool will be needed and used.
  • Providing updates to descriptors, standard template mappings as needed, as well as software update where necessary.
  • When there are other codes/templates which are in-use in your office, we will - as part of installation - create a template mapping for you.


System requirements:
  • Pentium 3 500 MHz
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 5 GB HDD space
Operating systems:
  • GNU/Linux® (recommended: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 or CentOS 5)
  • Microsoft® Windows®
  • Solaris®


  • Each report of an input TAC bulletin becomes a data subset in the output TDCF bulletin and reversely each data subset of an input TDCF bulletin becomes a report in the output TAC bulletin.
  • It is possible to perform a bundle conversion of TAC TEMP, PILOT part A, B, C, D reports into a single TDCF bulletin.
  • Conversion of BUFR TEMP, PILOT bulletins to TAC produces several bulletins according to the present pressure levels observations.
  • Headings of output WMO bulletins are produced automatically based on input file WMO heading, data type and intrinsic data.
  • Automatic WMO format end to end conversion takes care of BUFR <—> TAC, BUFR <—> CREX, as well as CREX <—> TAC conversions. It is as simple as specifying the input data and the desired output format.
  • BUFR editions 3 and 4 are supported both on input and output; compressed data sections are supported only on input.
  • CREX edition 3 is supported both on input and output.